Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Apostolic Pentecostal

I was running an errand late last night to Walmart with my daughter. What did I have on? A long skirt, (floral print), 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt and a blue kerchief on my head.

Two young women approached me in the parking lot and asked if I was a Christian, and if I was Apostolic Pentecostal and could I help them. The gal seemed particularly stuck on whether I was Apostolic Pentecostal, even after I said, no, I'm in Eastern Orthodox Christian (which I'm sure she'd never heard of). Couldn't quite convince her that I wasn't Apostolic Pentecostal based on how I was dressed.

Of course they needed Alms...which is what people always want who approach me in the Walmart parking lot. I only had two dollars, so I gave her that.

So, now I guess I know what Apostolic Pentecostals wear. I hate being labeled or mis-labeled, but I suppose it comes with the head-covering territory.

But do I really want people to think that's me?

When I decided to pretty much only wear skirts, I also made the decision to keep my hair shorter so I wouldn't look "pentecostal"...which groups at least here in KY sport a rather distinctive and cloying look of skirts (often denim or khaki) and tops, long hair with a pouf in the front pulled back in the ubiquitous barette (older ladies in toned-down beehives) and sneakers with bobbi socks.

An easy look to avoid.

But apparently not.


  1. It has happened to me too. I was recently greeted outside a pharmacy with, "God bless you, Sister! Are you Pentacostal?"

    I don't even cover full-time anymore. I was wearing one of my usual 3/4 sleeve blouses (bright red) with a calf-length denim skirt and a red crochet snood that I had just finished that morning.

    At first I didn't even realize he was speaking to me. I suppose I do look a bit strange.

  2. Hi Cobweb,

    I'm glad you found this blog of mine. I also have a daughter with Asperger's syndrome...and a son whom I will seek to get diagnosed after we move. (He at the very least has sensory integration issues).

  3. Funny you should mention this. In the last year I have transitioned to skirts only. My dh is happy about that except he does not want me wearing the long blue jean skirts because he does not want me to be mistaken for a Pentecostal!! We have so many around here.

  4. I have never owned trousers except the ones that come with shalwar kameez. I have always been targetted by Protestant missionaries. You are better than me. I would have donated a flea to their ears.

  5. Alana, I remember you mentioning at some point that you wear your cross inside your shirt; you might consider wearing it outside so you don't waste time convincing folks that you're not Pentecostal.They still won't know what an Eastern Orthodox is, but they'll know what it isn't!

  6. Personally,

    I accidentally stumbled across the posts and just about fell over myself in the humor I see in the posts.

    Seriously - going out of your way to 'not look like someone,' because you view a certain type of people in a negative manner.

    In my understanding of pentecostals, they wear modest clothing. Much of what I have seen seems to be very fashionable and professional looking.

    So, what you are saying, is because these people are pentecostals, you will go out of your way to change your wardrobe and hair JUST SO YOU ARE NOT MISTAKEN to be one of them.

    And to think, I have been thinking about the tragic condition of the world for so long ... when really, I should make sure I don't look like a lady ... OHHHHHH .... and a pentecostal at that.

    Well, by golly, I am going to have to throw out my collection of long denim skirts and trade them out for ones that show everything I've got and leaves nothing to the imagination.

    AND, maybe while I am at it, I should toss out the skirts that cover me and get some little pieces of cloth just to 'cover the important stuff.'

    But, why stop there? OH NO! I need to chop off my gorgeous hair (that the guys LOVEEEE by the way) so I look like a man.

    No harm there. Better looking like a butch woman or a feminine man than looking like a lady who ACTUALLY HAS STANDARDS in this world that is breaking apart piece by unraveling piece.

    Imagine that. Someone with a standard. Go figure .... it would be those pentecostals. And boy, we sure don't want to look like them.

    Someone might think we are pure and holy. Someone might think we are gentle and meek. OR WORSE YET .... someone might think we are God's children.

    UH ... I'm telling you what. Some people make me utterly disgusted.

    Why don't you try getting your minds of your prideful way .... wear what you want to wear. Stop judging those pentecostals, because I tell you, if it weren't for those pentecostals in my times of hardship and trials, I would be dead!

    Those same people who wear the nice long skirts and cover themselves so the whole world doesn't see all their goodies - are the ones who didn't pass me by in the street when I needed help.

    BUT, those people wearing whatever types of clothes, looking like everyone else, never once gave me a second glance.


    try growing up and getting a life. Take a second look at those pentecostals you judge so harshly - there is much more there than skirts and hair. There is love, there is gentleness, there is holiness, there is hope, there is peace, there is joy ...... THERE IS EVERYTHING IN WHICH YOU SO OBVIOUSLY LACK IN MULTITUDES!

  7. Amen crosssolja!!!!! Wow, as a Pentecostal woman, I'm so insulted.
    Prejudice comes in all forms.

  8. I am very sorry that it bothers you so much when you are mistaken for a Pentecostal. Although it won't be because of your hair covering, but I can see how they would mistake you with long hair, skirt and sleeves. Pentecostals know that the HAIR is the covering that the Bible speaks about, and not some piece of cloth. But yes, I agree, wear your cross outside of your clothing, which we do not wear...because we wear our cross in our hearts, then we will know you are not in any way Pentecostal! I also agree with the other comment, to a degree, about not changing your appearance so that you don't look like us...What in the world is wrong with looking like a Pentecostal?? I have looked like one for almost 7 years now, and I plan on doing it the rest of my life! Yeah, it might be a little disconcerting being confused with a holiness looking woman, but if you are going to dress that way, you may as well get used to it. Holiness is a thing of the past for the world in general. And for someone to see a holiness dressed woman walking around is an unusual experience to say the least.

    When I was out in the world, living in sin, I didn't want anyone looking at me...staring at me. I would actually get up and leave!! But since becoming saved, by receiving the Holy Ghost, and baptism in Jesus name, and the knowledge of Holiness, inside and out, it doesn't bother me anymore, because I know why they are looking. Not all the looks are good ones though, or inquisitive ones; some are disgusted, oh my God do I look like that looks to. Yes, I agree with the other comment that says you shouldn't judge those Pentecostals so harshly, because there is more there than meets the eye! A lot more than just a jean skirt, and long hair, yes sir, there sure is a whole lot more there!!! Try hours, months, weeks, years of travail for this ungodly nation! Try days of fasting for lost souls, because we couldn't eat even if we wanted to due to the burden we have for you, yes you to!! Try hours of prayers going up for this situation to be changed, or that to be fixed, or that soul to be healed. Yes sir, when the world wants prayer, they go to the Pentecostal because they know they can get the prayer through! Yeah, the ridiculously holy dressed Pentecostal woman, you know the one, the one you refuse to and go to great depths to NEVER look like? Yeah, that one, the one God loves with all his heart.........

    The Bible says Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm....better watch what you say, God is listening to every word.......................

    1. I am a fairly new Pentecostal, but find great comfort in being seen as different. I am currently working through covering and am trying to find a covering that suits my personal convictions. My church does the doily, but I would like more. I am experimenting with snood, veils, bandannas... my goal is to please the Lord, above all, in my covering.
      To be readily identified as a holy Christian lady is a huge compliment. I took a break from skirts for a few days while I was 'finding myself' and did not like the looks and reaction I got! Wow!!!
      Please, look at me and see a holy Christian Pentecostal lady!!!

  9. Nice is nice to meet another christian covering woman. Myself I am a rare breed I think...a Roman Catholic woman but I cover full time now with an "anabaptist" type cover vs. hijab or scarf. To me the anabaptist cover looks more like a "religious" covering. I just wanted to say... I understand your not wanting to look like something you're not, but perhaps you can take people mistaking you for "Pentecostal" as a compliment. As the Pentecostal ladies who posted said, you are merely being mistaken for a woman of holiness, and this is not bad, right? This just means you're succeeding in doing what God wants you to--living apart from the world.. Really, it's what you're trying to do by covering anyhow, follow God's word and be obedient, so let them think what they will. It is good that your appearance is making their thoughts turn to the Lord, regardless of what denomination they think you are! Then when they ask, it is your opportunity to witness his love. SO maybe you can come to peace with it by just turning it around in the way you think about it. see?

  10. Ok, I know this is an old post... but I was laughing too much not to comment on it.

    Google brought me to this post on the front page of a search for "pentecostal scarf hair how to". LOL

    Just struck me as amusing given the actual post content.

    (As it happens, I was just looking under "pentecostal" as they tend to be the only ones I know around here who wear scarves instead of entire snood type setup.. so may have been a good site for what I was looking for anyways... lol)

    man... some of these people are kinda harsh on these comments!

  11. At (crosssolja) and the Pentecostal lady who commented. I know these are old posts but I wanted to share my two cents (well one cent). As an Apostolic woman, my clothing does not define me. My relationship with my Lord and savior does. Me priding in my attire and they I look on the outside, is a bonus. I enjoy wearing skirts everyday, I enjoy taking pride in how I look every time I leave the house. I enjoy looking like I am a child of the most high with standards. You know why because it gives me a sense of peace and people respect that, at least where I live.

    I am not sure what the Eastern Orthodox church teaches, but for the initiator of this blog to judge and feel uncomfortable being compared to a woman of God...hmmmm I question their philosophies.

    I have said enough.

    God reigns over the just as well as the unjust. He has the final say.


  12. There are a lot of Apostolic Pentecostals 'round here, too, but I wouldn't so much mind being mistaken for one, particularly by an outsider begging for cash.

    (I have bangs, which seems to help me visually say "Not Pentecostal" to those with any eye for that kind of detail. Which is to say, women. lol)

    Yea, they have a distinctive style, but I've always felt it strikes an admirable balance between the realities of contemporary life and the demands of their religious faith.

    sure, the sneakers-and-denim skirts aren't the height of fashion, but neither is the Amish look that secular people fetishize. Practical, yet feminine and modest.

  13. Dear sisters in Christ, although this post was written four years ago, I had never seen any of the comments. I want to thank each of you, especially those of you most egregiously offended who ripped into me for what I wrote. I needed to be ripped in to. You have shown me my sin. You have shown me how narrow and judgemental I am, have been and can be. You have shown my my focus on outward appearances more than the things of Christ. For that I thank you. All I can do from here is apologize and repent. Pray for me. I am the chief of sinners. I'm still not sure if it is OK for a person to misrepreset themselves as being part of a group whose doctrine and beliefs they do not agree with, so whether I am mistaken for a mulimah (that has happened) a mennonite (I used to be one), an Apostolic Pentecostal (that has happened) or an Orthodox Jew...I need to let go of what people think and focus entirely on Christ Jesus my Lord. Pleae forgive me, sisters.